You and Your Siblings — Are You on the Same Page when It Comes to Senior Care?

You and Your Siblings -- Are You on the Same Page when It Comes to Senior Care?Providing care for a senior loved one is not an individual effort. If you’re providing in home senior care to a loved one all by yourself, chances are you’re going to burn out and become frustrated. In most cases, seniors are cared for by a team of people. And although this team is often led by a son, daughter or other family member, each member of the team plays a crucial role that cannot be ignored. This is essential so that everyone plays a part and that the senior gets the best possible care. Handling senior care in this way also ensures that no one does all the heavy lifting while others do nothing.

Are you a son or daughter caring for a senior loved one? Do you wish you had more support when it comes to providing the best level of care possible? It’s time to learn how to make sure you get your siblings involved. After all, senior care — when it’s done right — is a family thing.

It Takes a Team

Sometimes people are tempted to dominate the care of a loved one because they don’t trust others to provide the same level of support. Other times, they don’t feel as if other family members can be trusted to stay on schedule and be there when they say they will. Often, the care of a senior loved one can cause strife within families when one individual feels like they’re the only one doing the work — even when they insist on being the sole provider of care!

Ultimately, though, it’s necessary to assemble and maintain a team of caring individuals to serve the needs of the senior.

Teamwork is necessary, and for teamwork to be effective, communication is key.

Strong Communication for Better Senior Care
Communication and coordination are critical when it comes to senior care. If you’re leading the effort to provide care, one of your most important jobs is to communicate effectively. It’s critical to communicate well with your senior loved one, of course, but it’s equally as crucial to be able to communicate with your siblings.

Keep a common notebook (or shared Google Doc) available to all people involved so that everyone can be on the same page with notes and observations. It’s also a good idea to make sure that everyone knows the proper routine. Communication can solve so many problems before they even appear, but it’s something that takes work and a lot of coordination.

Professional In Home Senior Care Services

One of the best ways you can ensure that your loved one receives the proper care is by adding the services of a well-trained, compassionate caregiver to your team. Caregivers can maintain coordination, and they have the know-how to ensure that your loved one has what they need at home. They can lessen the load on family members, and with their ability to be there for your loved one, they can help families retain their special bonds.

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