What Can Long Term Care Facilities Provide for Your Loved One?

Making the decision to move your loved one into a long term care facility can be hard, but it may be the best option for everyone. Knowing what kinds of care are available in such facilities can help you make the decision.

Long term care facilities can provide skilled and/or custodial care for both temporary and permanent situations. The need for long-term care help can be prompted by age, disability, illness, injury or dementia. Experts estimate that at least 60% of all individuals will need long-term care lasting from a few weeks to years, at some point during their life. Planning ahead can make the shift to a long term care facility easier, when the time comes.

Temporary reasons for long term care can include: lengthy rehabilitation after an extended hospital stay; recovery from illness, injury or surgery; or a terminal medical condition while in-home hospice options are being set up.

Ongoing long term care may be needed if the resident has a chronic medical condition or chronic severe pain; if they have permanent disabilities or dementia; or if they require supervision or help with normal daily activities and needs.

A long term care facility can be either a skilled nursing home or an assisted living center. The former provides 24 hour medical care and oversight by skilled nurses, while the latter is more relaxed and appropriate for those who don’t need constant medical attention,s but who cannot live alone anymore.

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