Understanding Alzheimer Care Options

When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the news itself is often enough to turn a family upside down. Alzheimer care options must be considered, and decisions made that will impact everyone.

The first thing to understand is that not providing care yourself is not a failing. It is nearly impossible for many people to put their job and other obligations aside and devote their entire days and nights to Alzheimer care. The goal is for the family to select the option that provides the best care possible, and a family member is often not the right person.

For those with mild Alzheimer’s, private in-home care may be sufficient. A person with basic training in elder care can be hired to monitor the wellbeing of the Alzheimer’s patient and provide a needed presence in the home to prevent accidents, injury or becoming lost.

As the Alzheimer’s progresses, particularly if the patient stops sleeping at night, an assisted living center with an Alzheimer care wing may be a better option. These facilities are staffed with personnel familiar with Alzheimer’s and are secure to prevent wandering.

Most facilities offer varying levels of care, so your loved one can be as independent as possible. In most cases, Alzheimer patients settle into a routine and are comfortable and content — so remember, that safety and proper care are the ultimate goals, and don’t feel guilty about exploring the best options for their Alzheimer care.

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