The Importance of Respite Care

Respite care, or temporary help for a loved one to give a caregiver a break, is an important component of caring for a senior family member. Proper breaks allow family members to reenergize, create a sense of balance in their life and be able to provide proper care for their loved one without experiencing untimely burnout.

Take an Assessment

Even if you have a very busy schedule, it is important to take time out to analyze not only your relative’s needs, but also your own. Make a detailed list of the exact needs that your loved one has and how they can be met. Does he or she simply need help getting around because they no longer drive or do they need more in depth care in the home, such as preparing meals, cleaning the home and managing their grooming. Then take an assessment of your needs, whether it is simply that you need a break every now and then or you need regular help meeting the needs of your loved one. When you have a detailed list of the exact needs, including the times that they are needed, you will have a better grasp on how to get help.

Finding Care

The respite care that you use could come from other family members, friends or a professional from an in-home care agency. Take the time to talk openly with family members and friends about your needs. You might be surprised at how willing others are to help when you speak up. Talk about your relative’s needs and see if there is any way, even simple ways that others can help in order to give you a break. If there is still a bridge in the care that your loved one receives, it is possible to find occasional or regular help from a service that provides home care for seniors.

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