The Importance of Preventative Care

4Proper preventative care is important for everyone, especially as they age. A visit to the primary care doctor at least once per year might help to catch diseases before they get out of hand. The doctor can also help a senior come up with a plan for a healthy lifestyle to continue to promote health and wellness.


Benefits of Preventative Care

As a relative of a senior, you can help your loved one gain the many benefits of preventative care including:

  • Prevention of a disease is much less invasive and expensive than treatment
  • Unpleasant side effects of a disease might be able to be avoided
  • A happier, healthier life might be possible

Helping Seniors

You can help a senior in your life by encouraging regular doctor appointments. A doctor can help determine the appropriate senior care for your loved one. The appointment might consist of screenings for various diseases as well as a thorough physical examination. If you are unable to accompany your relative to the appointments, you can hire an in-home care agency to accompany him or her. This can help with understanding and remembering everything that the doctor recommends to promote health and wellbeing throughout the golden years.

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