The Importance of Companionship

When you think about your senior relatives, chances are you think about making sure they eat, that the house is clean and that they get to their doctor appointments. One thing that many people neglect to consider is a senior’s need for companionship. This need is sometimes just as strong as general eating and sleeping needs.

How to Give Companionship

  • Eat together –While it is typically a great help to prepare meals for your senior relatives to make sure that they are eating, sometimes what is more important is sitting down and eating with them. While this isn’t likely possible at every meal, if you can do it even once or twice a week, it can make a difference to your relative.
  • Walk together – If you encourage your relative to exercise, participate with him or her. Take 20-30 minute walks through the neighborhood or take a little time to go swimming or lift weights with him or her once in a while.
  • Just talk – Sometimes a good conversation is all that a relative needs. Simply taking a little time a few times a week to make a phone call or sit in person, sipping coffee and talking is all that a senior needs.

If you find that you don’t have enough time to include companionship for your senior relatives, you can hire the services of a professional in-home care service to help you provide the necessary companionship.

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