The Importance of a Structured Day for Alzheimer’s Patients

A daily routine can help to put balance in the day of a person with Alzheimer’s. It allows for less frustration and more time to enjoy activities that put meaning into a person’s life. A quality dementia care professional is the perfect answer to providing this structure, keeping patients happy and healthy while enjoying their life.

There is no such thing as having a permanent plan. As the needs of the patient changes, so can the plan. Making the most of the structure of the moment is a great way for family members to enjoy one another and avoid the frustration of participating in activities that are not to the patient’s liking at the moment.

In order to make the most of their day, a home care provider can do the following for your loved one:

  • Determine the best times of the day of your loved one in order to make the activities enjoyable
  • Develop a routine for sleeping, eating and bathing to take the guesswork out of each day
  • Include plenty of flexibility in the schedule to make necessary changes as well as allow for spur of the moment activities

Because the needs of each Alzheimer’s patient are unique, the provider of home care provider can help to create the appropriate schedule for each patient. By structuring a patient’s day, it might help to encourage happier moods and better days for everyone involved.

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