The Best Board Games for Seniors and Grandchildren

Always Best Care Senior ServicesThese days, when people talk about “gaming,” they’re usually referring to electronic games that are played on expensive consoles, computers and mobile devices. And it’s likely that when you hear people talking about their favorite games, those individuals skew toward the younger end of the demographic spectrum. But gaming is much more all encompassing than that! In fact, games have been a wonderful pastime throughout history for people of all ages, and they remain a terrific medium through which people can connect with each other. In particular, board games are tremendous for bringing seniors and youngsters (such as their grandchildren) together for some great bonding sessions.

If you’re wondering how you can help a senior loved one pass the time more enjoyably — and connect with a grandchild or another younger person — here are some of the best board games available today.

#1 — Scrabble

This all-time classic will probably never go out of style. And it’s even enjoyed a recent resurgence thanks to online play using mobile devices. But there’s still something special about sitting down with a loved one on a rainy day to play a game of Scrabble. It doesn’t require being a verbal genius; it just takes two people who want to share a friendly competition over words. Perfect for seniors and kids! However, it might not be best for children under the age of 10 or so.

#2 — Pictionary

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not — Pictionary is a classic game that anyone can play and enjoy. This game uses a simple formula that’s easy for kids and seniors to understand, and gameplay creates one-of-a-kind moments of laughter, enjoyment and bonding.

#3 — Checkers

Absolutely one of the most well-known, beloved board games of all time, checkers is a simple game that can become increasingly complicated as players become more skilled with their strategies. Its simplicity lends itself well to the experience of seniors and grandchildren sharing special times together.

#4 — Monopoly

This classic board game is great for young minds because it helps them learn about money, numbers, counting and deal making. But it’s also an excellent choice for seniors who may be concerned about keeping their minds sharp. Beware, though: Monopoly sessions can go on for hours, which for some might be wonderful, but for others, it might be excessive. Thankfully, there are some time-saving variations and modifications available for those who may be interested in shorter gaming sessions.

#5 — Connect Four

This one isn’t really a “board” game, but it offers a fun experience for seniors and kids alike. Basically, this is an update of the classic tic-tac-toe format, using checkers on a vertical playing surface. Games can be quick, but they are always challenging, plus the tactile sensations of the checkers and gaming surface offer an alternative to other games.

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