Technology Contributing to Greater Dementia Home Care Options

Improving technology will help dementia sufferers stay in their homes longer, delaying or even eliminating the need for residential care as home care options expand.

Dementia affects millions of people in the U.S., and that number is expected to grow as the U.S. population ages. Dementia care is expensive, with the costs of residential care often consuming the assets of elderly individuals and their families. Finding more cost-effective ways to provide dementia care and solutions that allow sufferers of this condition to stay in their homes longer can help reduce this financial burden.

Technological solutions that help people with dementia adjust safely to their condition can greatly help. A number of assistive technologies have recently hit the market and can help dementia patients stay independent. Some of these devices include way-finding devices, technology that promotes social interaction, online games, and puzzles that foster memory and health and other items. Monitoring devices that help home care workers keep tabs on their charges can also help promote greater home care results.

Robotics also offers promise. Some recent advances include assistive devices that can lift and carry people, reducing injury risk, therapeutic robots that provide the benefits that owning a pet can have for dementia sufferers, and robots capable of assisting home care workers.

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