Summer Travels with Seniors

Summer sometimes means more traveling and sightseeing for families. Depending on your health and abilities, you likely won’t have to change your vacation plans, but you may have to be willing to alter them a bit to make things easier for yourself. A few simple changes can help you enjoy summer plans.

  • Make plans to have a driver – Having a driver can sometimes be easier on everyone, especially if you think anyone in your party will need breaks whether to use the bathroom or simply to stretch their legs.
  • Bring plenty of supplies – While you don’t want to over pack, you want to be prepared. Have plenty of changes of clothes as well as plenty of emergency supplies including necessary and emergency medications, first aid supplies, food and water.
  • Determine necessary accommodations – If you require any special accommodations, try to arrange for them ahead of time, whether with the airlines, hotel or any other establishment to make things easier.

Before you travel, take the time to talk with your home health care to determine exactly what you will need to bring along. The person that works closely with you will have the best insight as to what will make your vacation the most comfortable and memorable as possible.

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