Stay in Your Home for Longer, with Dignity and Grace

The vast majority of senior adults want to stay home as they age. New technology and non-medical home care models can help seniors stay in their homes longer.

The retirement of the Baby Boom generation, an active generation used to having its way, will likely change the traditional retirement model. According to retirement experts, technology and care models are catching up with Boomers’ demand to stay in their homes as long as possible.

New technology is giving patients and doctors better tools to keep track of seniors and give them the assistance they need to live independently for longer durations. Technological care systems are reducing the amount of one-on-one personal care patients need, thus reducing the expense of senior care.

Hiring a home caregiver for a few hours each day or week is far less expensive than living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, so the opportunities provided by a combination of remote monitoring and home care services is an attractive option from both a standard of living and cost basis.

Senior housing programs that locate active seniors in communities in need of volunteer services such as babysitting, tutoring, gardening, or crossing guards also help seniors make staying at home easier. With a little additional help from home caregivers, this model can also help seniors live independently for longer periods.

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