Social Media Offers Relatives the Ability to Stay in Touch

Thanks to our society being focused on technology, many seniors work very well with computers. If a senior in your life is not yet set up on a social media network, but is computer savvy, they could be missing the opportunity to stay in touch with loved ones that don’t live nearby.

Getting Help from Home Care Providers

Social media networks, such as Facebook, are very user-friendly and easy for a relative or staff member from their home care agency to help seniors learn. If you know a senior that would love to be able to see picture updates, as well as learn little tidbits about loved ones that are all over the country, then it is beneficial to get them set up on this social media network.

Video Chatting

Another great way to keep seniors in touch with loved ones, especially grandkids, is with the use of Skype. This free-to-use service offers the ability to video chat with loved ones. If your loved one doesn’t know how to use Skype, or is not yet set up, you or their professional from the in-home care service can help them get started on valuable face-to-face conversations with loved ones.


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