Sleep Essential to Senior Health

sleep scheduling with in-home care









Aging can have an impact on sleep patterns, causing people to get sleepier earlier, sleep fewer hours, or sleep more lightly than they once did. Sometimes older men and women can experience significant disturbances in their sleep cycles. This can be very detrimental to their mental and physical health. Senior care professionals can help their seniors enjoy better rest with these tips:

  • Identify underlying problems such as stress, medication, health problems, etc. that may impact sleep. Elder care professionals can consult with seniors’ physicians and family to see if there are any issues that may be causing sleep problems.
  • Set a regular sleep schedule and routine. By encouraging seniors to have a set time for sleep and a regular night time routine, elder care providers can promote better sleeping habits.
  • Limit caffeine consumption. Caffeine can contribute to problems with sleep. By limiting caffeine consumption, particularly at night, seniors may rest easier.
  • Encourage exercise. Regular exercise can help seniors enjoy better rest. Physical activity can release endorphins that alleviate stress that can result in sleep problems. Exercise also helps seniors expend excess energy that may cause them to struggle in getting to sleep.
  • Get a little sun. Sunlight will help regulate melatonin levels in the body and reaffirm day/night cycles. Open curtains or get outside for a few hours each day to promote better sleep.

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