Simple Ways to Build Strong Muscles

Everyone needs strong muscles in order to have the strength to take part in daily activities as well as a way to prevent unnecessary falls. For some seniors, it becomes essential to find ways to build their muscles through the use of food in addition to  helping them avoid a sedentary lifestyle that could be very detrimental to their health.

How to Increase Muscle Strength with Food

When you think about gaining more muscle, you probably think of lifting weights. While of course this is a way that many people can increase their strength, sometimes it is more about the nutrition that a person consumes.

  • Dairy – Consuming enough dairy is very important. If your senior relative avoids dairy, or simply doesn’t consume enough of it, help him or her become creative with ways to sneak it into their diet. Shredded cheese can be added to just about anything and milk can be used in many different recipes in the place of water. In addition, pudding is considered a dairy item, which is a great food to offer for a quick dessert that also offers benefits.
  • Protein – There are a variety of ways to get protein. Eggs, lean meats, beans, nuts and peanut butter are all excellent ways to obtain protein.

Encourage Exercise

In addition to a nutrition-rich diet, seniors should also try to remain as active as possible. As a relative, if you do not have time to accompany your senior in various activities such as walks around the block, swimming classes or to the gym to participate in light weight lifting exercises, you can hire a professional that provides in-home senior care to accompany your senior to ensure that they are doing everything they can to build their muscle mass.

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