Seniors & Volunteering

senior volunteers Many seniors struggle with moving away from homes where they have spent decades. However, getting involved in their community can help seniors feel more connected. Senior care professionals can help by providing outlets for their seniors to get active.

There are a variety of volunteer activities seniors can do, including:

  • Political campaigning – Seniors are often ideal to staff phone banks and make calls for candidates and causes. For seniors who want to make a difference, this is an ideal opportunity.
  • Mentoring – Seniors can connect to the younger generation by participating in programs where they read to children or help them with school work. Being around children can help seniors feel younger themselves.
  • Collection drives – Seniors can socialize with others while working at charities to sort donated items and other goods.
  • Craft-based volunteer work – Cooking, sewing, or gardening for the community will put seniors’ bodies and minds to work. This will help improve mental and physical health, as activity is key to staying physically and mentally sound. These activities provide social interaction as seniors work together.
  • Charity walks – Seniors can get a little exercise and do some good by participating in charity walk pledge drives. These events collect money based on pledges by sponsors to donate a certain amount per mile walked.

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