Seniors & Skin Cancer

Elder CareA key health risk of which seniors in elder care and their caregivers should be on the lookout for is skin cancer. Older Americans are at elevated risk of developing skin cancer. By staying vigilant, elder care professionals and seniors can spot problems early, and take action to stop a more serious health problem from developing.

Caregivers for seniors who benefit from in-home care or are in assisted living facilities can protect seniors by:

  • Sponsoring skin cancer awareness events
  • Encouraging the use of protective clothing, hats, and UV-filtering sunglasses
  • Encouraging seniors to use proper sunscreen when going outdoors or on trips
  • Installing UV-filtering windows in facilities
  • Having regular skin cancer screening events and awareness raising events at the facility
  • Scheduling events to avoid peak hours of harmful sunlight
  • Training staff to spot skin cancer

By taking a proactive stand, caregivers can help seniors avoid the health risks posed by skin cancer, allowing them a higher quality of life.

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