Seniors Seeing Clearly — 5 Tips for Healthy Eyes

Seniors Seeing Clearly — 5 Tips for Healthy EyesEyesight is something that people tend to take for granted — especially when they’re younger and can see for miles — but it’s something that seniors need to be proactive about as they advance in age. As people get older, their vision deteriorates, but the process can be slowed, and a number of maladies can be prevented by following some simple tips.

Are you looking for tips to ensure healthy eyesight as you age, or are you concerned about an elderly loved one who may be losing his or her vision? Keep reading for some great advice!

#1 — Improve Your Diet

It may not be apparent, but your eyes and their abilities are greatly influenced by the fuel you feed your body. It’s been shown, for example, that a diet rich in antioxidants like vitamins A and C can contribute to healthy eyesight. Eating fish is also beneficial because it contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids that can assist with the maintenance of the macula, one of the eye’s most important components.

#2 — Quit Smoking

Add another great reason to quit smoking to the list!

Smoke really does get in your eyes, and once it’s there, it doesn’t do any favors to your ability to see. Smoking increases the likelihood that a person will develop diseases and other conditions that can affect the performance of the eyes. It’s never too late to quit, so do what you can to kick the nicotine! If necessary, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’ll thank yourself later!

#3 — Break Away From the Screen

These days, more and more people spend large amounts of time staring at various screens. We wake up and immediately check our phones. Then we go to work and stare at desktop computer screens before coming home and relaxing in front of the TV. Although seniors are typically not as technologically savvy as younger people, they are still subject to the increase in screen time that we all deal with in modern society. Seniors Seeing Clearly — 5 Tips for Healthy EyesDeliberately scheduling time when your eyes can focus on something other than a digital screen is a wonderful way to improve eye health.

#4 — Exercise

Moving the body is a great way to increase blood flow, which benefits the eyes tremendously. What’s more, getting outside exposes the eyes to different environments and different lighting scenarios, which can strengthen vision.

#5 — Proper Protection

The eyes need protection just as much as any other vital organs. Therefore, it’s smart to wear sunglasses when the day is bright, and to be sure that you wear reading glasses and other prescribed lenses as directed. Otherwise, your eyes can suffer deterioration prematurely.

More Help for Seniors

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