Seniors and Vacations — 7 Tips for Success

Seniors and Vacations — 7 Tips for SuccessFamily vacations are no longer all about Mom and Dad taking the kids somewhere special; they’re turning into opportunities for the kids to take Mom and Dad somewhere special! Seniors are living longer, more active lives, and they are no longer content to simply sit at home and wait for the slideshow later. Today’s older individuals often want to tag along. And their kids are taking them in greater and greater numbers!

If you’re considering a vacation with an older family member, there are some things that you should keep in mind during the planning stages to ensure a satisfying trip.

#1 — Take Note of Mobility Concerns

If Mom or Dad is having trouble getting around, you will have to factor that into your planning. Consider arranging for a wheelchair at the airport, and make sure that there are alternatives to physically demanding activities on your itinerary.

#2 — Accommodations and Amenities

When you book accommodations, make sure that they will be comfortable for your aging parent. If necessary, ensure that bathrooms have hand rails and other helpful features. Also check to see if the hotel offers special amenities that might make your loved one’s stay more pleasant.

#3 — Regular Communication and Updates

One of the surest ways to ruin your vacation is to keep your senior parent in the dark during the planning stages. You don’t have to share every single small detail with them, but give them regular updates so they can start to envision — and get excited for — the trip.

#4 — Luggage

Do you know what kind of luggage your parent plans to bring? Are they bringing too much? Will they be able to handle it themselves, or will they need assistance? Don’t wait until the date of departure to discuss what everyone is bringing on the trip!

#5 — Medication

Become familiar with your loved one’s regular routine and the medications they must take on a daily basis. It might be smart to consult with their doctor, as well, to ensure that they their prescriptions up to date and filled before leaving town.

#6 — Clothing

Seniors and Vacations — 7 Tips for SuccessCheck the weather and discuss with your parent the types of clothing that will be most appropriate for the trip. If formal dining is on the schedule, for example, you need to make sure that the proper attire is ready to go!

#7 — Avoiding Financial Confusion

So much stress among family members is caused by misunderstandings about money. Before you depart on your vacation with aging loved ones, you need to sit down and discuss who will pay for what. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page as far as finances are concerned is a great way to avoid a bad vacation.

More Help for Your Senior Loved One

If you’re taking a senior on vacation with you, it means that they’re probably independent and enthusiastic — exactly the type of person who would prefer to remain at home in their later years as opposed to moving into a nursing home or other facility. If you’re wondering how you can make sure your loved one remains as independent as possible during their “golden years,” Always Best Care can help! Call us today at 1 (855) 470-CARE (2273), and learn how you can receive your FREE consultation.

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