Seniors and Social Media — How You Can Help

Seniors and Social Media — How You Can HelpIf you are a social media user, you may be frustrated by a senior loved one’s inability to use it as a communication tool and an outlet for sharing. It’s possible that the elderly individual in your life will never adjust to modern technology — and that’s okay! There are still plenty of ways to connect, not to mention the fact that sometimes it’s good to connect without technology. But if your loved one has expressed a desire to learn how to use it, you can do a lot to help and ease the process.

Seniors and The Concept of Social Media

In many cases, seniors simply don’t understand the concept of social media. They understand what it means to communicate with people, and today’s seniors generally understand how the internet allows access to information from around the world. But they often have trouble comprehending what it means to combine those two things.

One of the best things you can do to help a senior who is interested in becoming adept at social media is to take a step back and explain the concept. Explain that there is nothing about Facebook or Twitter that is too complicated for them to understand. Demystify it and offer practical examples of how you use social media to connect with others.

Another helpful hint is to assure them that they don’t need to master everything about social media right away. It’s okay to take baby steps and slowly learn the various aspects of social media that make it useful.

Hold Hands, Then Let Go

Often, it’s best to be there to guide your senior loved one through the process of setting up social media accounts and getting them started on the right foot. Be patient and take the time to answer questions that they might have, even if those questions are frustrating. The important thing is that the elderly individual in your life is moving forward with a certain amount of enthusiasm and readiness.

Although it’s tempting to step in and guide your senior through every step of social media interaction, it’s important to let go and let them make their own decisions — and mistakes! Assure them that they are in control of their social media presence, but it’s not the end of the world if they click on the wrong link or post something to someone’s timeline that would have been better off as a direct message. Mistakes happen; it’s your role to be there to offer further guidance and gentle corrections.

Over time, your senior loved one will be able to interact on social media and enjoy all the benefits that it has to offer!

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