Seniors and Exercise — It’s Never Too Late to Get Started

Seniors and Exercise — It’s Never Too Late to Get StartedIt’s one of the oldest pieces of health advice in the book: regular exercise is one of the major keys to living a healthy, happy life. But actually putting in the time for physical activity is difficult. This is true regardless of age, but it’s a special challenge for seniors — the group that stands to benefit the most from the addition of regular exercise to a daily routine.

One major misconception that exists is that after a certain age, exercise just isn’t worth it anymore. As it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth!

The Challenges for Seniors

Some of the reasons seniors avoid exercise include:

The presence of more frequent illness

Concerns about falls and/or injuries

A belief that it will cause more harm than good

The belief that exercise will waste precious energy

It’s not a productive use of precious time

Truthfully, these are all actually great reasons for seniors to start exercising; not avoid it! Exercise can make the body much stronger and more resistant to illness. It can also boost energy levels considerably and add years to one’s lifespan.

But It’s Too Late!

This is the most common concern heard from seniors regarding exercise. They believe that they’re getting old anyway, so why would they exercise?

Well, seniors get the biggest, most positive results from exercise — even more so than their much-younger counterparts. Also, those who wait until later in life to begin an exercise regimen tend to avoid the nagging injuries and problems that bother those who have spent a life being physically active. Let’s face it — there are just too many good reasons to start exercising, regardless of age!

Exercise Ideas for Seniors

Not sure what to do to get started? Here are some ideas that can help seniors of varying abilities get moving:

It’s easy and enjoyable, plus it helps the heart and lungs, as well as virtually every other system in the body. Seniors and Exercise — It’s Never Too Late to Get StartedAlmost anyone can do it, making it a great way to get into an exercise routine.

Another easy, enjoyable activity, dancing gets the body moving and it provides the opportunity to get exercise in a social setting, which can improve mood tremendously.

Stair Climbing
Simply going up and down the stairs a few times each day is a great way to get the blood pumping. There’s a lot of bang for your buck with climbing, too. Just be sure to not overdo it!

Strength Training
It’s not necessary to lift heavy weights to build strength and power. Squats, lunges and other bodyweight exercises can be very helpful. Elastic resistance bands also provide a terrific alternative for seniors who want to build strength without impacting their bodies too harshly.

More Help for Active Senior Living

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