Senior Safety in the Kitchen – Four Great Tips

Senior Safety in the Kitchen – Four Great TipsWhen the loved ones who used to cook and care for you get older, roles tend to reverse in many ways. Maybe you used to look forward to dinners with Mom or Dad, but their ability to make meals has declined, even though they have lost none of the enthusiasm that made them such loving cooks in the past. Additionally, as seniors age, the kitchen becomes an increasingly dangerous place:

  • Impairments that come with age (hearing loss, vision loss, etc.) increase the likelihood of accident and injury due to fire, sharp objects and utensils, slips and falls and more
  • Some medications decrease alertness and ability to react to dangerous situations
  • Seniors often prepare meals at home alone, leaving them without help should dangerous situations arise
  • Reaction times among seniors are often slowed by forms of dementia and general mental decline
  • The kitchen is considered the heart of most homes, and it’s sad when you have to consider a different role for your loved one when it comes to preparing and serving meals.

    Here are some tips to that can help you ensure that your aging loved one remains as safe, secure and content as possible in the kitchen.

    #1 – Cleaning and Decluttering

    Fires and other kitchen accidents can largely be avoided by removing clutter around the stove, oven and other appliances. Give your loved one a hand by making sure the space in which they operate is as as clean and decluttered as possible.

    #2 – Smoke Detector Maintenance

    No one should ever ignore the smoke detectors in their home, but with seniors, it’s incredibly important to make sure that these devices operate properly and that their batteries are checked and changed regularly.

    #3 – The Right Clothing for the Job

    Loose, flowing clothing is a big no-no in the kitchen because it can lead to slips, falls, burns and other accidents. If your loved one is spending time in the kitchen creating delicious meals, make sure they’re doing so while wearing clothing that is conducive to safety.

    #4 – Nothing Left Unattended

    Senior Safety in the Kitchen – Four Great TipsAccidents in the kitchen tend to occur when someone forgets something. Whether it’s a roast in the oven or a burner that’s been left on long after it’s served its purpose, a bit of absentmindedness can spell disaster for your loved one. You can help avoid accidents by simply keeping an eye on activities in the kitchen and making sure nothing is ever left unattended.

    We’re Here to Help!

    As you transition into a new role in your relationship with an aging loved one, you might feel overwhelmed at the work that goes into ensuring that your senior is safe, comfortable and connected to the activities that make them happy. Thankfully, help is available from Always Best Care and our team of outstanding caregivers. Are you ready to find out how we can help your loved one continue to live their best life? Give us a call today at 1 855 470 CARE (2273) for more information.