Senior Community Centers Can Be a Great Addition to In-Home Care

Maintaining independence is an important concern for most of us as we age. Although many seniors remain active and independent for many years, others need a little extra help throughout the day. In these cases, it’s not uncommon for seniors to move in with family members who can provide extra help, as well as companionship.

While you may be doing everything you can for your loved one, they may have additional physical needs or suffer loneliness during the day, especially if you work full time. It’s important to keep in mind that your loved one may initially be reluctant to come to you for additional help. They may be embarrassed to tell you that they need help physically, or perhaps suffered a fall while you were out, so it’s important to watch your loved one carefully for signs of problems.

There are several options available for additional assistance, including in-home senior care. An in-home care representative, like those at Always Best Care, can provide your loved one with assistance with everyday tasks like bathing, dressing and shopping.

Help Your Loved One Stay Socially Engaged

In addition to in-home care, senior community centers help meet the social needs of seniors. There are dozens of benefits from the programs at community centers, including increased social interaction throughout the day, discussion groups, reading sessions, music lessons, and more.

Since independence is such an important issue for seniors, it’s crucial to let your loved one know that your goal is not to take anything away from them, but to provide them the help they need to stay safe and socially engaged. In-home care coupled with visits to the local senior community center can provide your loved one with daytime help and fun activities they might not otherwise have known were available.

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