Scientific Breakthrough: More Effective Alzheimer’s Medicines on the Horizon

Scientific Breakthrough: More Effective Alzheimer's Medicines on the HorizonAlzheimer’s Disease, which is the world’s most widely known form of dementia, affects nearly five and a half million people, making it a public-health issue that most people are forced to face at one time or another. In fact, the majority of dementia cases – 64% – are due to Alzheimer’s. This terrible disease takes precious memories away from those it afflicts, and it erases cherished connections between family members and friends. Unfortunately, modern medicine has been unable to find a highly effective treatment for the disease, leaving numerous families feeling frustrated and hopeless.

Thankfully, a recent scientific breakthrough has medical professionals feeling optimistic about the possibility of new, more effective medicines emerging on the horizon. Researchers are not calling the breakthrough a “miracle,” but they are incredibly hopeful about what this new discovery could mean for millions of Americans.

Earlier this month, the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation announced that scientists at The Rockefeller University in New York City have identified what is known as a molecular “pathway” that can slow the body’s production of beta amyloid, which has been found to be responsible for memory loss and other conditions experienced by those who suffer from Alzheimer’s.

New Treatments Could Be Coming Soon

What does this all mean?

Essentially, this breakthrough means that scientists and researchers will be able to go to work developing medicines and treatments that take advantage of this newly discovered pathway. Scientists have uncovered strong evidence that reduction of the protein known as WAVE 1 has a powerful protective effect against Alzheimer’s Disease, and they are hopeful that new medicines will add precious time to the lives of those who suffer from this awful form of dementia. By working with the WAVE 1 protein and operating within the new pathway, scientists could be able to develop treatments that provide more relief than was ever thought possible before.

This is exciting news, and it’s proof that the battle against Alzheimer’s is one that’s well worth fighting.

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Although this scientific breakthrough is exciting news for Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families, new treatments will likely not become available for a significant amount of time. However, there is hope for your loved one who may suffer from the disease or other forms of dementia.

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