Salads Promote Health and Wellness

As summer quickly approaches, more people tend to lean towards fresh, healthy food for their summer meals. One of the easiest meals to put together and quite possibly, one of the healthiest, are salads. There are literally hundreds of salads that your senior relative can enjoy, based on their individual taste buds, to help them enjoy the wondrous produce of the summer as well as promote health and wellness.

  • Add plenty of fruit and vegetables – There are no rules to what you can put in a salad. Choose from the many different fruits and vegetables that are available during the summer months. If you follow the basic rule that the more colorful your bowl, the healthier it is, you will make the most out of each and every meal.
  • Add protein – Adding lean protein such as boneless, skinless chicken breast or turkey is a great option. In addition, beans, nuts and other legumes also make a great ingredients in a salad. Make sure to make the most of your low fat veggies and dressing when you do add protein as it can add a significant amount of calories.
  • Avoid unhealthy add-ins – Everyone likes cheese, croutons and creamy dressings, but they can add on a large amount of calories and make an otherwise healthy salad rather unhealthy. It is best to stick only one add-in and use it sparingly.

Helping your senior choose healthy meals, such as salads during the hot summer months can help keep him or her healthy in the long run. If your senior relative is unable to make their own salads or does not have other resources to get the appropriate produce, enlist the help of family, friends or an in-home care provider to help ensure that your relative reaps the benefits of the summer and all that it has to offer.

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