Prevent the Elderly from Falling

Hand in HandThere are a variety of reasons that the elderly fall. Some of the reasons are preventable, but of course, it is impossible to prevent 100 percent of occurrences. Understanding how you can lower the chances of your elderly loved one from falling can help them stay safe and you feel as if you are doing something worthwhile as you provide in-home care.

  • Exercise – As people age, it becomes easier to sit for longer periods of time, sometimes never really getting up to stretch. This results in poor muscle tone and decreased strength in the body. It is important to help the elderly stretch and exercise regularly. It shouldn’t be anything strenuous, a simple walk or swim three times a week can be enough. As always, only do what they can handle.
  • Proper Shoes – Keep a close eye on the shoes that your loved one wears. The best pair to wear includes those with rubber soles that prevent slipping. They should also have a low heel and supportive arch.
  • Proper Lifting – Sometimes the elderly forget their limitations and will bend or lift beyond their capability, putting them at risk for falling. Constantly talk to your loved one about proper bending and lifting procedures and encourage them to leave the heavy items for you or their in-home care service.
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