Preparing for Doctor’s Appointments

Even though your elderly relative might insist on his own independence when it comes to doctor appointments, it is typically a good idea to accompany him in order to sure that all issues are discussed and that all of the doctor’s orders are being followed. Even if dementia or Alzheimer’s is not an issue, it is still very common to forget to ask important questions or miss something that the doctor says. If you cannot attend the appointment yourself, it is a good idea to have a professional from a home care agency accompany him.

Make a List

In order to prepare for the appointment, sit down with your loved one and create a list of questions. If you both brainstorm together and you make it seem like a partnership, not an overtaking of his responsibilities, you should be able to cover all of the bases. Remember that no question is too mundane, feel free to ask everything in order to be the best informed.

At the Doctor

Once you are with the doctor and are asking your questions on the list, take notes of the answers. It is common for nerves to make you or your elderly loved one forget what was said two seconds after you walk out the door. Preparing for your appointment is the best way to make the most out of your loved one’s medical care. If your loved one feels threatened by your presence at the doctor, discuss the option of hiring a professional from an in-home care service to accompany them to be the extra set of eyes and ears.

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