“Non Medical” Senior Care — What Does it Mean?

At Always Best Care, one of our primary areas of focus is providing excellent non medical in home care for seniors. For most people, it’s easy to understand what might be entailed when medical care is sought, but they aren’t sure what it means to receive “non medical” care. Seniors who elect to stay at home and “age in place” are generally able to take care of themselves and manage their households, but sometimes they require assistance with various day-to-day activities and tasks that they cannot complete on their own. Perhaps you’re caring for an aging loved one and providing this type of non medical care yourself. But what can a non medical caregiver provide that makes in home senior care services so popular?

Let’s have a look at what non medical care means and what it can do for your loved one.

Quality Time — Not Quantity Time — For You

If you’re caring for an aging loved one, your days might be filled with errands, meal preparation and other activities that, while important, don’t exactly fit under the heading of “quality time.” When you hire a compassionate caregiver, you can leave the chores to them while you spend time with your loved one engaged in conversation or activities that strengthen your bond. The caregiver essentially takes over for you, leaving you with much more time and energy to devote to your important relationships.

Independence for Your Loved One

Perhaps the best reason to work with an in home senior care agency like Always Best Care is the time that it can add to your loved one’s stay at home. Non medical care allows seniors to stay at home where they’re comfortable for longer than they would if they were taking on all of the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, running errands and all of the other tasks that tend to become more challenging with increasing age.

Peace of Mind for Family Members Who Are Far Away

As time goes by, families tend to spread out, with members moving away to different locations where they’re unable to provide loving, compassionate support to their senior loved ones on a daily basis. When you hire a caregiver, you can rest easy knowing that the special senior in your life is receiving nothing but the best care, even when you might be thousands of miles away.

What’s also wonderful about this aspect is that a caregiver can actually help you stay in contact with your loved one by providing assistance with modern communication tools, which seniors sometimes have trouble understanding. It’s truly a win-win!

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