Making Travel Easy for Seniors

Traveling can be a very pastime, especially if you are exploring new places or visiting relatives. Many seniors love to continue their travels even as they begin to age and their physical capabilities become a little more diminished. If you or the professional that provides at home senior care help prepare them for their travels, things are bound to be less stressful, especially at the airport.

  • Pack Light – The lighter the suitcases, the less cumbersome moving around will be. Many hotels have the capability to wash clothes if the need arises, making it unnecessary to over pack.
  • Prepare for Security – If your senior has any type of replacement such as hip or knee replacements, they will likely have to go through a more in-depth security check at the airport. Simply making them aware of this fact can make it less stressful. In addition, make sure that he or she dresses appropriately for security. Wearing easy to slip on and off shoes and avoiding bulky sweaters or sweatshirts will make the process go smoother.
  • Prepare the Suitcase – If your senior must take any type of medications with them, security might go through them. In addition, if they will be visiting relatives and are bringing gifts, you should avoid wrapping them until after the flight, since security will likely need to unwrap them to check their safety.

While it might seem a little stressful to prepare for traveling, there are many steps that you or the professional that provides in home care for your senior can assist with to make the travels, especially at the airport go as smoothly as possible.

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