Make the Most of Summer Gardens

Summertime brings many beautiful vegetable gardens at homes and public places, everywhere. Along with easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, gardening also provides time for a healthy hobby for seniors. Whether your relative loves to nurture plants from a seedling, or they simply enjoy eating the fruits of others’ labors, gardening has many benefits.

  • Introduces everyone to new fruits and vegetables that they might otherwise never try
  • Provides plenty of vitamins and nutrients that are vital to optimal health
  • Helps seniors to achieve a better immune system that could help to ward off harmful illnesses
  • Helps seniors stay emotionally balanced or fight off the symptoms of depression
  • Gives seniors a hobby to participate in, to help keep them mentally alert and in shape

Anyone can Garden

Even seniors that have never gardened before have found enjoyment in this relaxing hobby. There does not need to be a lot of space in their yard, as a large garden is not necessary. Seniors can choose to grow their herbs and vegetables in the ground, if there is room, in containers right on their porch, or take part in a community garden, which gives everyone a small space to grow their vegetables.

Getting Help

It is important for family members and loved ones to encourage positive hobbies, such as gardening, for their senior relatives. Even those seniors that think they cannot do it, or who do not have the resources, can be encouraged. If your relative is having trouble bending, lifting or getting around, their in-home care provider can assist with any of the tasks required in gardening to allow him or her to participate in the hobby, without the risk of falling or getting hurt.

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