Low Impact Exercises for Seniors to Stay in Shape

Staying fit and active can allow seniors to live longer, healthier lives while doing the activities they enjoy. Age does not have to be a limiting factor. May 31 is National Senior Health and Fitness Day, and a wonderful time to brush up ways to stay physically fit. While some seniors are life-long runners, tennis players, or golfers, others are not used to that type of rigorous and demanding physical exercise. There are plenty of low-impact exercises seniors can enjoy that don’t put too much stress on joints.

If you struggle with arthritis or mobility issues, you may want to start with some low-impact activities before working your way up to something more demanding. Just because exercises are easy on the joints doesn’t mean they don’t offer a beneficial workout. You’ll still be building muscle and endurance, burning calories, getting your heart pumping, and increasing flexibility, balance, and coordination. This is essential for reducing risk of falls or other injuries.

Here are a few exercises to try:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Biking
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Pilates
  • Light strength training

Mix up your workouts to engage different muscle groups and work various joints. This can also keep you from becoming bored with what you’re doing by changing things up. There are many gyms and rec centers that offer senior exercise classes. This can allow you to try new things and receive guidance and support to ensure you are executing moves safely and correctly.

If you’re not big on going to the gym, you can work out at home too. Try exercises such as squats or single leg stands to strengthen muscles and work on balance. Use water bottles or soup cans as light weights to work out your arms. You can also go online to watch workout videos or get DVDs for yoga, Pilates, tai chi, or other programs.

Exercising with a friend is another way to stay safe and motivated. It can provide some accountability too and it gives you someone to socialize with as you work out. Schedule a time to go on morning walks, sign up for a water aerobics class together at the local gym, or enjoy the relaxation of yoga.

It’s not too late to get moving. Start slowly with simple exercises for short periods of time and work your way up to longer periods or more challenging activities. Walking is one of the easiest places to start because it can be done practically anytime and anywhere. As you become more active, you’ll start to notice the impact on your health with increased strength, endurance, stability, and mobility. Check out what programs and activities for seniors are available in your area and make the choice to boost your health and well-being.

If mobility or fall risk has become an issue, an in-home caregiver can help to meet your needs while allowing you to continue aging in place. From assisting with light housekeeping and meal prep to escorting you on errands and providing medication reminders, a caregiver can be a valuable resource. They can also provide companionship and help with arranging appointments and activities. Get the support you need to maintain your independence and feel more confident aging in place by calling Always Best Care at (855) 470-2273 to schedule a free consultation.

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