Keeping your Relationship with an Elderly Parent

Image of Keeping your Relationship with an Elderly ParentWhen parents age, the life cycle can change, putting you in charge of caring for them instead of them in charge of caring for you. There are likely to be a multitude of feelings that you experience, some good and some not as good. If you harbor feelings of guilt at what you should have done in the past or you simply cannot relate to your ailing parent any longer, the feelings can be intense. This is especially true when you and your family decide that it is time to find elderly home care or an assisted living center.

Rather than feeling sad or angry at the events taking place, embrace the moment and let the available in-home care services help you regain your relationship. When you allow a third-party to come in and provide the necessary care and help with chores, you are able to focus more on your relationship than simply becoming a caregiver.

Being a daughter or son is more than 24-hour caregiving. It is important to ensure that your loved one’s needs are cared for, but that does not mean that you have to provide them 24-hours a day. Make the decision with the entire family to get professional help and allow everyone in the family to relish the remaining years they have with your parent as a family, not as caregivers.

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