Keeping Seniors Safe in the Shower

One area that many caregivers, whether a relative or professional that provides senior care, worries about is a senior falling in the shower. Even if your relative is able to live alone, there are still many accidents that can occur in the shower or bath, making it an important danger for everyone with a senior relative to understand

  • Avoid the use of slippery soaps and oils – While it might be tempting to lather your senior with luxurious soaps and oils to pamper them while in the shower, they can pose a serious danger. Instead, provide a moisturizing body wash that contains no oils or slippery ingredients to avoid a serious accident.
  • Install nonskid mats – The more protection you can provide against slipping inside the shower, the lower the risk of serious injury occurring. There are many different types of mats to choose from, depending on your senior’s needs.
  • Install a shower bar – There are many products on the market that can assist seniors while they are in the shower. The grab bar or shower bar installs right on the wall of the shower and gives seniors the steadiness that they need while washing or grabbing something that might be out of their reach.
  • Install a Shower Seat – For those who find standing in the shower is too much to handle, a shower seat is a great option. There are numerous seats available, making it easy to find one that your senior is comfortable using.
  • Portable Shower Head – Some seniors find it easier to have a handheld or portable shower head that allows them to shower while sitting in the shower seat or simply makes it easier to reach all areas of their body.
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