It’s True: A Healthy Diet and Exercise Can Extend Lives

It’s True: A Healthy Diet and Exercise Can Extend LivesIf you’re like a lot of people, you might be tired of hearing about the wonders of a healthy diet and regular exercise. New ways of staying fit and living healthy lives come and go all of the time, though. Some of them seem promising, but after a while, people learn that they are too good to be true. Diet and exercise remain standing as the true pillars of a healthy lifestyle. They are tried and true methods, and although it might be difficult to live a life that’s based on good eating and regular physical activity, it’s the best way to ensure excellent health and a comfortable existence in one’s senior years.

A New Study

When it comes to aging, diet and exercise are probably more important than any other factors. A recent study performed by the Mayo Clinic indicates that there is a link between modifiable lifestyle factors — such as diet and exercise — and the process of aging. Researchers working on mice in laboratory settings found that a lack of exercise and a poor diet can accelerate cellular deterioration and other age-related conditions.

Researchers also found that exercise by itself can prevent the accumulation of deteriorating cells while protecting against the effects of an unhealthy diet (diabetes, heart deficiencies, poor metabolic function, general physical deterioration, etc.)

What does this mean for people in the midst of the aging process?

A person doesn’t necessarily have to have been diagnosed with a specific condition to experience the underlying biological processes that can lead to diseases. For example, if a person is accustomed to the typical “fast-food diet,” they might be healthy on paper, but they are setting a number of processes in motion that will most likely lead to disease and accelerated aging in the coming years.

What Can Be Done to Help?

It’s True: A Healthy Diet and Exercise Can Extend LivesIf you’re caring for a senior family member or loved one, you might be struggling with helping them make healthy changes in terms of their diet and exercise routines. Older individuals can be stubborn, after all, so you may need to employ some creative tactics to ensure that changes are made. But it’s also important to be compassionate and patient; lifestyle changes are incredibly personal and not easily made.

One thing that might help is sharing the facts about the effects of proper diet and a regular exercise routine. Don’t focus on the negative, though — mention the benefits and explain how even the smallest changes (going for a short daily walk or eliminating sweets) can make a huge difference.

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