How to Help Seniors Manage Medication

How to Help Seniors Manage MedicationAs people get older, they become increasingly dependent upon various medications. Medications help seniors live longer, healthier lives, but they are only effective when they are taken in accordance with physician instructions. Whether the meds are for heart conditions, diseases, high blood pressure or anything else, they must be taken in the right dosages at the right times. And for many seniors, there are multiple medications to keep track of at any given time.

Seniors don’t always do the best job keeping up with their meds, and it’s common for them to avoid taking them altogether because they fear certain side effects, or they are concerned about keeping costs down. These are very real concerns, but adhering to doctors’ guidelines and prescriptions is much more important in terms of keeping seniors safe and healthy.

What You Can Do

Following are a few tips that can help you ensure that the senior loved one in your life manages their medication properly.

Using a Special Pill Box

The pill boxes that feature compartments for each day of the week are simple, but incredibly effective tools to help seniors manage their medications. Pick a day and time each week to help your senior divvy up his or her medication into one of these inexpensive pill boxes, and you’re likely to see a big difference.

Larger Print

Did you know that you can request larger print on medication labels and instructions? The next time you’re picking up meds at the pharmacy for your senior loved one, ask the pharmacist if they can provide larger print. This will make instructions and guidelines much easier to read — and follow.

Opening and Administering

Sometimes seniors avoid medications because they are simply unable to open bottles or manage eye droppers, inhalers and other items with the proper amount of dexterity. Ask the pharmacist if they can provide containers and apparatus that are easier to use. This is an area where specially trained in-home caregivers can be real life savers, too!

How to Help Seniors Manage MedicationRegular Evaluation

When a senior is prescribed a number of different medications, it can become extraordinarily difficult to manage the situation. This is why it’s recommended to maintain an ongoing dialogue with prescribing physicians, many of whom may not be aware of what other prescribing physicians are prescribing!

Don’t be afraid to ask if certain meds are necessary, and be sure to inquire about recommendations for taking meds on an easier schedule. Doctors are there to help your loved one live the best life possible, so be sure to take full advantage of their expertise!

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