Helping Seniors with the Changing Seasons

Helping Seniors with the Changing SeasonsOne of the most important things we can do for the senior members of our communities is help them handle change. Dealing with big changes like the loss of friends and loved ones is important, but there are a number of other changes that, while they might be easy for us handle, present larger challenges for the aging population. The changing of seasons represents one of those challenges, but caregivers and family members can offer support that gives seniors the right perspective to handle the transitions that happen four times each calendar year.

Transitioning into Winter

Easing into winter is one of the more difficult seasonal challenges that seniors face. Why?

  • Loved ones aren’t as available for visiting and socializing
  • Grandchildren are deep into their school activities, leaving little time for relating to Grandma or Grandpa
  • The weather is getting colder and more unpleasant
  • In many areas, the weather creates stressful, more dangerous situations
  • Keeping the home safe and comfortable requires preparation and extra work
  • Winter symbolizes the ending of things, and many seniors find that their moods often reflect the state of the climate
  • How You can Help as the Seasons Change

    All seasonal changes can be challenging for seniors and their caregivers, but the transition into winter, in particular, is especially important to navigate with mindfulness and care.

    Here are some of the things you can do to help your aging loved one have an easier transition into the colder months of the year:

    Discuss the Changes
    We all know that the seasonal change is around the corner, and we all have feelings about it. Discuss the seasonal change openly, and encourage talk about the challenges that are about to present themselves. This openness and acknowledgment can ease the transition considerably.

    Helping Seniors with the Changing SeasonsHelp Prepare
    Make sure extra blankets are always around and that your loved one is prepared to handle the winter’s cold – make sure the house is insulated and winterized; check to ensure that nothing is standing in the way of keeping the home comfortable during the winter months.

    The winter can be a cold, lonely time, but it’s also a time when people get together more frequently to celebrate. Make sure your senior gets a chance to take part in the celebrations, too; although the weather is getting cold, the warmth of good company and celebration can make the most difficult winter days easier to endure.

    More Help With the Changing Seasons

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