Helping Seniors Stay Organized

A normal part of aging is mild forgetfulness, which can be rather frustrating for the elderly. The first sign of haphazard mistakes or forgetting important dates usually have family members scrambling for senior care whether in-home or at a center. While in many cases, this is warranted, there are ways that you can help your elderly loved one stay organized and stave off the forgetfulness.

Create Lists

Everyone, regardless of their age, needs to make lists in order to stay organized. This becomes even more important for seniors. Having a list for daily tasks, important dates and important appointments can help to keep them organized, forgetting less and feeling more in control of their lives.

Place for Lists

Having lists or jotted down notes all over the house is not the idea solution though. This would only contribute to the clutter and disorganization of a person’s house and mind. An in-home care service or loved one can help get them organized with a place for every list, whether it is a designated calendar, or electronic device that is easy to use or a specific notebook for each item.

A Place for Everything

In addition to a place for lists, seniors need a designated place for keys, wallets, purses and other items that are needed on a daily basis and often forgotten or lost. By eliminating the amount of disorganization and stress that a senior has to endure, you can help them feel more independent and in control of their lives, even with the help of senior care.

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