Half of Older Americans Slowed by Bothersome Pain

Pain reduces the quality of a person’s life by preventing him or her from performing the activities of daily living. Pain is the reason many people slow down as they age. Even simple tasks, like getting dressed or cooking a meal, can be unbearable.

Now a new study shows about half of older Americans struggle with bothersome pain.

The report, published in PAIN® magazine, says that 18.7 million Americans experienced bothersome pain in the past month. Specially trained researchers interviewed patients in their homes in the community and in residential care facilities. As part of the interview, researchers assessed the cognitive and physical performance of study participants.

The researchers discovered that about half of all older adults live on their own in the community. They found that many people suffer pain in multiple areas of their bodies, especially in the back, hips, and knees. The number of people living with pain did not differ with age among participants aged 65 and older – a 66 year-old is as likely to suffer pain as someone who is 85. The prevalence of pain was higher among women and obese individuals, and in those with musculoskeletal problems or depressive symptoms.

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January, 2014

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