Gardening is a Great Hobby for Seniors

Gardening offers many benefits for the young and old. If your senior relative used to love to spend hours in their garden during their younger years, there is no reason why they still can’t enjoy this great hobby that is good for the body, heart and soul. It might take a few simple accommodations to make gardening more accessible for some people, but the changes are typically simple enough to manage. You or your relative’s professional from a home care agency can also help them take part in this great hobby.

  • Take Advantage of Innovative Products – Gardening doesn’t always have to mean getting down on your hands and knees and digging through the dirt for hours on end. Today there are a variety of products that allow vegetables to grow vertically, making it easier for those that find bending down difficult to garden.
  • Raised Beds – Another trend today is raised garden beds. The amount that they are raised can be determined based on your senior’s needs. Even if your relative needs one that is table height, it is possible to build them with legs, similar to a table, enabling seniors to still be able to obtain the many benefits of gardening.
  • Container Gardening – Gardening with containers is also another great way to give seniors a chance to take part in gardening without needing a large amount of space or work. This is especially good for those that are limited on space, especially if they live in a condo.
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