Four Great Senior Story Starters

Four Great Senior Story StartersRecently, we shared some ideas on how to get seniors to open up with their stories. Because seniors have lived such rich, long lives, it’s only natural to expect that they would want to share their stories. And for kids and grandchildren, there is really nothing like sitting down to hear great stories from a family member who has seen the world change in ways that no other generation has experienced. Seniors don’t always know how to get into storytelling mode, though, so it’s good to have some prompts available that, when inserted into conversation, can encourage a senior loved one to spin a yarn or two.

What’s needed, often, are “story starters,” similar to those that teachers use with students in creative writing classes. Of course, we’re dealing with real life here, but the concept remains the same: a good story starter can inspire and leave a person feeling like they have to take the ball and carry it forward with “the rest of the story.”

Here are four excellent “story starter” ideas for seniors:

#1 — “Do You Remember the Time When You Laughed the Hardest?”

One way to tease out a great story is to ask a senior if they remember when they laughed the hardest. Maybe they won’t be able to come up with a specific incident or occasion, but the question is sure to entice them to get talking about their lives in a way that’s focused on humor and good times.

#2 — “Tell Us About Your First Kiss”

Falling in love is one of the things that makes life so great, and a kiss is symbolic of a loving, romantic relationship. Seniors have experienced love and loss like no one else, so a good way to get them to tell a story or two is to remind them that were once young and in love. Ask your loved one about his or her first kiss — although it might not lead to much more than a few sentences, it might also lead to an amazing story you’ve never heard before!

#3 — “Do You Remember Your First Car?”

Today’s seniors got to experience the “golden age” of American automotive excellence, and many of them had the pleasure of owning and operating some truly classic cars. Maybe your senior loved one doesn’t drive anymore, but surely they have some great stories to tell about the amazing cars they’ve owned, beginning with the very first one.

#4 — “What Was Your First Experience With a Computer?”

The seniors of today were some of the first to ever encounter computers in their lives. And the stories that they can tell about the earliest versions of today’s essential technology are sure to “wow” younger folks who are accustomed to the tiny devices they hold in their hands. Maybe your loved one remembers a machine that took up several floors of an entire building, or they have a fun story about the first time they had to use a computer at work. Asking about computers is a wonderful way to get a story going!

More Senior Care Help

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