Foot Care Vital for Seniors

It’s an issue many families and caregivers overlook, but foot care is a vital part of elder care, as healthy feet mean a happier, more active lifestyle.

As we get older, we can develop a variety of problems with our feet, including bunions, bone spurs, and other issues. Left untreated, these problems can result in mobility issues for seniors. The more mobile seniors are, the better they’re able to get around and socialize and enjoy life. Mobility is also important to exercise in order to maintain senior health.

Caregivers providing elder care for seniors in an assisted living or a non-medical home care plan should do the following to promote good foot health:

  • Have seniors schedule regular podiatrist visits.
  • Have senior diabetics inspect their feet daily to ensure they are healthy. Diabetics can often develop serious foot problems that may result in amputation.
  • Have seniors avoid walking barefoot.
  • Ensure that seniors keep their feet warm and dry to avoid infection.
  • Ensure seniors or their caregivers carefully trim toenails. Nails should be trimmed straight across, rather than down to the corners.
  • Avoid elastic banded hose, as it restricts circulation. Also encourage seniors to avoid sitting with their knees crossed.
  • Encourage seniors to wear any orthotic devices prescribed by a podiatrist, as they can provide vital support for seniors’ feet.By ensuring seniors get the podiatric care they need, caregivers can ensure they’re able to stay healthy and active, improving their quality of life, as well as their longevity.