Exercise is Important for Diabetics

When a loved one has diabetes, there are a variety of factors that you might find yourself worrying about, including their blood sugar levels. In order to ensure their optimal health, you could take advantage of a professional in-home care service that can oversee your loved one’s diet, exercise and daily routines.

Exercise Makes a Difference

While diet plays an important role in the management of diabetes, research shows that exercise is also a crucial component. Before you or a caregiver starts your relative on an exercise regime, there are a few steps that should be followed.

  • Talk to the doctor – Always consult with your relative’s doctor before starting any type of exercise program. The doctor will be able to determine which type of exercise is safe for your relative as well as to decide if he or she needs to have different medication to handle the exercise.
  • Set a routine – When you or a private in-home care professional set up an exercise routine for your loved one including the days and times that they should be exercising, it will be easier to make it a regular habit.
  • Dress right – Make sure that your relative has appropriate clothing in order to remain comfortable while exercising. Loose clothing and supportive shoes are the two most important components of an exercise outfit.
  • Stay hydrated – Always make sure that everyone, especially a senior with diabetes, is well hydrated before, during and after any type of exercise.



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