How to Enjoy a Healthy and Pain Free Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, we all want to enjoy our special time with family and friends.

According to Mary Weathers, a Registered Nurse and Franchise Owner with Always Best Care Senior Services in Flagler County, Florida, there are ways to enjoy the season while making healthy choices.
“The main thing to remember,” says Weathers, “is moderation, whether in the consumption of food or alcohol. Many foods we enjoy during the holidays can be high in cholesterol, saturated fats and contain large amounts of sodium and sugar. Allow yourself to enjoy your favorites, but limit the quantity and choose small servings. Balance intake of these items with regular servings of fruits and vegetables and use lean meats. When possible, look for recipes that offer low-fat substitutions for ingredients. If you are hosting a party, offer low-fat, low-cholesterol options at each meal. Finally, do not abandon your exercise regimen during the holidays.
“Remember balance and moderation rather than either excess or fats.”
In addition to overindulging in food and alcohol, many people also experience backaches and other pains. Often times, these occur after unpacking and hanging holiday decorations.
With all the social gatherings and holiday shopping, the last thing you want is a back injury. Whether it’s bringing up holiday decorations from the basement or carrying heavy gift packages, a few healthy back reminders will help to avoid any injuries.
Proper body mechanics are important in avoiding back strain when lifting heavy objects. Always bend the knees and lower the body without bending at the waist when picking up items on the floor. Use the strong muscles in the legs to do the work as the object is lifted. Keep the heavy objects as close to the center of the body as possible. Keep your abdominal muscles strong. Weak abdominal muscles can predispose a person to lifelong problems with lower back pain that often surfaces when you lift heavy items.
The holiday season is an especially vulnerable time for older individuals.

In many cases, seniors who live alone may need assistance to maintain a healthy and pain free lifestyle, particularly during the Thanksgiving and Christmas time frame.
Care Coordinators, like the professionals at Always Best Care Senior Services, can assist you or a loved one with developing a care plan that will offer assistance during the holiday season.
If you would like more information on how to enjoy a healthy and pain free holiday season, contact an Always Best Care Senior Services Care Coordinator by visiting to find the Care Coordinator and office nearest you.

Michael Baker is a Franchise Operations Trainer at Always Best Care Senior Services.


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November, 2010

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