Engaging & Enriching the Lives of the Elderly during the Holidays

One of the main focuses of Senior Homecare & Health Care Providers, like Always Best Care Senior Services, is to engage and enrich the everyday lives of the elderly. There are several ways to engage and enrich the lives of the elderly during the holidays. However, the aging process may create some limitations to certain holiday traditions. The right amount of encouragement, support, imagination, enjoying, and participating in holiday activities is quite possible for the elderly.

Simple modifications can mean the difference in participating, rather than simply watching the good times go by for some seniors. Consider including one or more of the suggestions listed below or modify your own family’s traditions this holiday season.

Some community’s have local carolers who volunteer to sing for a small donation to their favorite charity. If you don’t have carolers in your area, use a CD with classic Christmas songs and go on the Internet to print out the lyrics in a font big enough for a senior to read. Or just try and see how much of the lyrics everyone remembers. It can be quite entertaining to see how well someone “knows” the songs. Even if there are issues with hearing, eyesight, or thought processing sitting by an elderly person and smiling at them while you singing can be flattering… even if you are not musically talented.

Use the seniors’ recipe for cookies or treats typically served this time of year. Ask them to teach you how to do it their way. If they are not cognitively able to teach or instruct you have them sit near you as you prepare and show them how you make treats. Try to pick a treat that is appropriate for any diet restrictions that they may have. Also, make items big enough so that the senior can participate in decorating. Choose decorations that do not require precision. Use easy-to hold containers filled with colored sugar or sprinkles.

When it is time to decorate the Christmas tree, give the senior a work area and have them sort the decorations and give them to everyone to apply to the tree. Encourage their opinion on where ornaments should go if they are not physically able to apply an ornament themselves. If they are physically able to apply an ornament clear their pathway of cords or cardboard to prevent a fall. Also, try and standby them when they reach toward the tree in case they lose their balance.

Other activities include watching traditional movies of love, giving and sharing, driving around to look at seasonal decorations, reading a traditional holiday story, contributing to a favorite charity, or simply reminiscing about their childhood holiday memories. Whatever you choose, Senior Homecare & Health Care Providers, like Always Best Care, believe there are many ways to engage and enrich the lives of the elderly during the holidays as well as throughout the year. For more information on how you can brighten up a senior’s day with some of the ideas mentioned in this article, contact a Care Coordinator at any of the individually owned and operated Always Best Care Offices located throughout the country. To find the Always Best Care Senior Services office nearest you, please visit www.alwaysbestcare.com.


Angela T. Graczyk, RN, is a Franchise Operations Trainer and Registered Nurse at Always Best Care Senior Services.

Through its network of independently owned and operated franchises, Always Best Care Senior Services provides non-medical in-home care, assisted living placement and skilled home health care for seniors across the country. Visit Always Best Care Senior Services at www.alwaysbestcare.com

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December, 2010

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