Dealing with Loss of Appetite in an Aging Parent

If you didn’t know, it’s pretty normal for an aging parent to start losing their appetite as they get older. You may notice your senior doesn’t want as much food on their plate at dinner time. Or they seem to eat slower and don’t finish their plate at holiday get-togethers. If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re starting to get worried about whether this is a serious matter. If your senior’s lost appetite is having a negative impact on their health and wellness, then yes, you should definitely seek medical attention. Otherwise, this is something that you, your senior, and their caregiver (if they are receiving elderly care in Fort Worth) should work out on your own. Below are some top methods you all can work together to implement to work on your senior’s appetite.

  • Get tons of fruits and veggies in their diet: This first point is super important if your senior is eating less than normal. Since they are getting less food into their bodies, it’s important that the food they eat is nutrient-dense, so they get the proper nutrients to live a healthy life. Make sure your senior’s diet includes a balance of fruits, veggies, lean meats, and high-quality whole grains.
  • Getting more sleep: If your senior is like many out there, they may be having difficulty sleeping at night because of stress or pain. Whatever the cause is of their sleeplessness, it’s important it is addressed because this can have a huge impact on their appetite through the day. A good night’s sleep is crucial for our bodies to work properly when we wake up and continue our day.
  • Socialization & companionship: Seniors can get lonely sometimes. That’s just the fact of aging when you are stuck at home for most of the day. And that loneliness and depression can cause seniors notto want to cook meals for themselves anymore. Ensure your senior is getting the socialization they need through family dinners and outings with friends. This is not only good for your loved one, but it’ll be good for family members, as well!
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