Computer Games Can Help Improve Cognitive Function in Seniors

Physical exercise is important for overall health, but new research shows how important it is to “exercise” the brain as well, especially as we age.  Researchers at the University of Iowa found that people age 50 and over that played video games had better cognitive function. The study included 681 healthy patients divided into two age groups, those in the 50-65 year age group and those in the 65-plus age group.  Participants who played a video game rather than solving a computerized crossword puzzle had better mental abilities one year later, according to the researchers.

While preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia from developing altogether still eludes us, seniors can take active measures to delay the onset of these conditions with cognitive brain exercises.  Traditional crossword puzzles, word search games and memory puzzles are great choices for exercising the brain, but adding computer video games can be especially beneficial.

Help Getting Started 

It can feel overwhelming to use a computer, especially for first time users. The good news is that most programs are very user-friendly in today’s market, making it relatively easy to learn how to use them with little difficulty.  A professional home health care provider can help introduce seniors to the computer and assist them in choosing video games that are fun, challenging and entertaining. The world is changing, so embrace that change and improve cognitive ability in a fun and engaging way with video games designed for seniors!

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