Companionship Services and the Psychological Benefits of Senior Care

When it comes to the lives of seniors, depression and isolation are major concerns. As people get older they often become less mobile, causing them to have less interaction with friends, family members and the communities that surround them. If they do not drive or have trouble getting from place to place, they are also less likely to attend events and social/family gatherings. In 2009, a small study was conducted where it was found that anxiety, depression and even heart disease were more prevalent in participants who had fewer social ties. Loneliness, it was found, could also cause an increase in incidents of accidents, suicides and heart-disease-related deaths.

San Diego Senior Companionship Services

Seniors can improve their much-needed social connections considerably through the use of companionship services. They form strong bonds with in home caregivers because regular contact occurs, creating space for friendship to grow. There is great comfort in simply knowing that someone will be attending to them for a few hours each day or week; the visits are something nice to look forward to. This type of companionship provides numerous other benefits, as well.

Less Isolation

A caregiver has the ability to help you or your loved one with activity plans, special outings and even routine trips into the community. Additionally, they can accompany elderly individuals to religious services, meetings, lunches, plays or movies; enabling seniors can continue to engage in enjoyable activities without going alone. Caregivers also provide in home care in San Diego, helping with activities around the home, which can reduce boredom and boost motivation.

More Mental Stimulation

 According to some studies, remaining mentally active can help in the fight against the onset of dementia and memory loss. Caregivers in the home can play games like bridge or Scrabble, put puzzles together or even provide assistance with tricky crosswords or Sudoku puzzles. These types of things can challenge seniors’ brains positively, ensuring that they continue to engage the parts of their minds that perform problem solving, planning, organization and creative thinking.

Friendly Conversations

 Seniors are full of memories and stories to share, but since they live alone, there might not be anyone to share them with. When a companion is there, seniors have someone to listen, show curiosity and develop genuine interest in their histories and the things they enjoy. A companion is there for when a senior wants to rave about their grandson’s birthday party or even how they spent summers when they were younger.

Increased Physical Activity

 Going for a walk alone isn’t nearly as enjoyable as walking with a friend. In home caregivers can encourage a senior loved one to engage in more activity, ensuring that they do so safely. If the senior in your life has troubles with memory, for example, a caregiver can help them navigate the world outside the home without the fears associated with becoming disoriented or lost. Caregivers can also promote physical activity in the home by motivating seniors to attend to daily activities like cleaning or organizing.

More Peace of Mind

 Families experience greater peace and confidence when they use companionship services because they know that someone trusted is always present with a loved one. Maintaining constant contact is possible thanks to modern technology, allowing for regular updates and instant notification when concerns or emergencies arise. Family members know that their loved ones are not spending significant stretches of time being lonely — someone is there to help with normal activities, providing conversation and companionship all the while.

Pets are also wonderful companions for seniors. Dogs and cats make great listeners and snugglers, and they can provide a stronger sense of purpose and responsibility to a loved one. What’s more, pets provide structure over the course of the day, boosting mood and encouraging healthy physical activity.

Finding San Diego Companionship Services for Seniors

Are you interested in exploring companionship services for your senior loved one? Are you looking for ways to provide support and enhance physical and mental wellbeing? Always Best Care can help! Contact us today to learn more about our companionship services and we would be honored to meet with you and your loved one for a consultation, without charge. Always Best Care of San Diego, where going the extra mile is not just what we do, it’s who we are. We look forward to hearing from you!

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