Balance Tracking System

Balance Tracking System Image

Introducing the Balance Tracking System – Fall Risk Assessment Program*

The Balance Tracking System is a computerized balance assessment tool that provides an objective, accurate and reliable measure of an individual’s postural sway. Postural sway is a known indicator of balance ability and is commonly used in fall risk assessment. After an individual is tested, there are five results available for interpretation.

  1. The Baseline Result
  2. The Post-Baseline Result
  3. Percentile Ranking
  4. Fall Risk Assessment
  5. Advanced Metrics

Occasional testing helps determine if an individual is really improving their postural sway.**

*Each franchisee is independently owned and operated. Services such as the Balance Tracking System vary by location.

**Balance and postural sway are likely to change on a daily basis due to mood, stress, fatigue, food, medicine and other factors. Research conducted with the Balance Tracking System shows that there is variance of up to 5 centimeters due to these factors listed above.