Breast Cancer & Seniors

seniors with breast cancer get  non-medical home care help

Breast cancer mortality risk increases with age, according to recent findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Senior care providers should be aware of the threat posed by breast cancer, and encourage their seniors to have regular screenings and seek treatment if necessary.

According to research, seniors who are diagnosed with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer run an increased chance of death from the illness, as well as a relapse, even if the cancer is successfully treated. A study was conducted of about 10,000 women. Study results found that:

  • Breast cancer mortality rates were 7.3 percent in women younger than 65.
  • Breast cancer mortality rates were 11.2 percent in women between 65 and 74.
  • Breast cancer mortality rates were 22.9 percent in women older than 75.

About 41 percent of all women diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. are over the age of 65.

Researchers suggested that under-treatment may play a role in the higher mortality rate among older women. The study concluded that more research into breast cancer and aging was needed.

Professional home care provides settings that can help influence women through care to avoid illnesses like breast cancer by emphasizing the need for medical checkups and treatment. Senior care providers often occupy a position of trust with their charges and may be able to convince them to take better care of their health.

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