Top Questions Adult Children Ask About Aging Parents

For your aging parents, assisted living is not your only option.

As many adult children struggle to care for aging parents, they may have questions regarding what to expect and what resources and options are available to them.

There is historical precedent for immediately moving ailing parents directly into assisted living communities to help support their activities of daily living.  While there are truly exceptional assisted living communities in the South Bay/West LA area, it’s not the only option anymore.

Choosing the assisted living option may be in accordance with your parents’ wishes or just the best choice to manage their safety but nevertheless the choice between supporting your folks at home or moving to a care facility can be daunting.  Our team at Always Best Care South Bay/West Los Angeles will assist you to make an informed decision.

In-Home Care for Seniors May Be Your Ideal Solution

Virtually unheard of until the past two decades, a growing field of in-home care options for seniors has now become viable and a new concept of “aging in place”. Always Best Care is a national organization specializing in both home care and assisted living placement.  We offer the best of both worlds.

Before you sit down and ask your parents about these questions, it’s important to ensure you’re respectful, considerate and include both parents’ input as to how they want to age.

The following are common questions adults have regarding options for their aging parents:

1. Parents’ wishes

Many adult children assume they know what their parents want, but you have to ask yourself the following questions: Do they have a living will or trust? Do they know where their medical paperwork is located? How do they want to age?

2. Independence

Are your parents willing to give up some measure of independence and allow others to do tasks such as cooking, cleaning and chores for them? What happens if they need care but don’t want it?  What is your role in ensuring their safety?

3. Isolation

Will your parents have access to social groups and activities, if they remain at home, or will they be expecting you to visit often? This is particularly important as loneliness is a major factor in life expectancy.

4. Home Equipment

Is their current home senior-friendly and is it economically viable to make it more senior-friendly if needed? Note how wide doors and corridors are, how many steps are in the house, whether the lighting is good enough and other potential hazards for falling.

5. Mobility and Life Balance

Is your schedule flexible enough to drive your aging parents’ appointments, errands, and anything else they attend on a regular basis? Always Best Care South Bay has an excellent option for transportation.

6. Budgeting

What is your and your parents’ budget? Will it be able to support the choices you make for each other as you enter this new chapter? If you’re interested in learning more about price options for both assisted living communities in the South Bay or West Los Angeles, or would like to get a quote on

7. Special Considerations

Do your parents require any specific care to meet any unique needs? Always Best Care South Bay/West Los Angeles specializes in caring for older adults with chronic health conditions, particularly Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Our team can help you explore how our tailored memory care in the home might be an appropriate fit for your family.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. As you can see, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with taking care of aging parents. Many adult children are unable to shoulder this responsibility, so they turn to trained professionals, either assisted living communities or in-home care specialists. If you think in-home care might be right for you or a relative, our In-Home Care Quiz will help you decide what level of care is needed.

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