8 Top Tips to Help Seniors Prevent Slips and Falls

8 Top Tips to Help Seniors Prevent Slips and FallsSlips, trips and falls are responsible for a large number of serious injuries among adults aged 65 and older. Even the most healthy and active seniors can become injured or incapacitated by an unfortunate slip or fall incident, which is why it’s so important for caregivers, family members and loved ones to be able to provide assistance and preventative help. Recent statistics from the National Institutes of Health indicate that nearly two million seniors in the United States visit the emergency room or go to the hospital as a result of a fall every year, and many of them return home at less than full strength.

If you have a senior loved one who may be negatively impacted by a trip, slip or fall, here are some tips to help you ensure that they remain safe and fall free.

Remove Hazards from the Home

Cords, rugs and clutter can cause falls easily, so remove them or find other solutions where possible. Take a day to collaborate with your senior on a cleanup/organization project, and you’ll make the home much safer.

Wear Proper Shoes

Footwear that provides traction and stability is important when it comes to preventing slips and falls, even around the house.

Ensure the Proper Lighting

Sometimes it’s not the presence of clutter that causes a fall; it’s the fact that a space is poorly lit. Check bulbs and fixtures, and install night lights in strategic locations.

Store Items Where they Can Be Reached Easily

Many falls happen when seniors try to reach for items that are located on high shelves or other difficult-to-reach places. Gather commonly used items and make sure they’re stored in lower shelves and drawers or in other places that are accessed easily and safely by your senior loved one.

Make Sure Vision is Checked Regularly

Vision deteriorates throughout the aging process, and poor vision can cause trips and falls. Schedule an eye appointment today if it’s been a while since your senior has been checked.

Install Handles or Other Safety Devices

Handles and grab bars are essential in the bathroom, as are non slip mats and other items that can help seniors remain steady in their movements around the home.8 Top Tips to Help Seniors Prevent Slips and Falls

Suggest Using a Cane or Walker

Sometimes seniors need some extra help, which is where a cane or walker can come in handy. These items can make a huge difference for seniors who are unsteady on their feet.

Encourage Exercise and Other Physical Activity

Seniors who are most susceptible to falls tend to be less physically active and strong than their peers. By encouraging regular physical activity, you can help seniors ensure that their muscles, bones and joints are as strong and sturdy as possible, thus decreasing the likelihood of a fall significantly.

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